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Your final research project will consist of a literature review on a specific category of psychological testing. Please review the Week 7 Assignment for details. 

In Week 7 of this course, you will be asked to submit a literature review similar to a manuscript's introduction for a research paper. This will provide a conceptual overview of a topic related to tests and measurements, synthesizing for the reader what research has been conducted on the topic, what is currently known about the topic and what is not (yet) known. This paper should NOT simply list previous studies that have been conducted and what was done in those studies. Instead, you should build a story about what the status of current knowledge is on your topic based on your scholarly examination of the literature; your synthesis of the literature on this topic as an author must be clear in this literature review.

For Week 6 (this week), you will submit an outline of the introductory literature review. It should include in-text citations and references to at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Please note that the outline should not contain Roman numerals or alphabet-style labels.  Labels will be headings that would be appropriate for the paper. Use paragraph form to describe what you will discuss in each section (see below):

For the Week 6 outline:

1. First, give a brief overview of what your paper topic is and what you will accomplish in the paper (thesis statement)

2. Use headings to group the major themes (and subthemes) you will cover in the paper. Be specific with your headings and check that they match what you are discussing (with the same level of specificity).

3. Under each heading, briefly describe what you will discuss in the section and use in-text citations to support the major points you will make. Begin paragraphs with the main point you will make in the section, then use citations to support that point. Note- citations should be integrated into paragraph form to demonstrate what specific points they will support. Citations should NOT simply be listed at the end of the paragraph. Demonstrate how the citations support the point(s) you are making.  This will help you prepare for synthesis (looking across multiple studies) rather than a simple point-by-point (reporting) approach. Expect to have multiple citations under each heading. If you have a proposed section with only one citation, note that you will search for/include more in the final paper. 

4. Use at least 10 scholarly peer-reviewed articles.  You may include more, as 10 is the minimum (not maximum).  

5. Use APA style, including the title page, appropriate grammar, spelling, mechanics, citations, and references. 

Outline examples will be discussed in KL (Week 6).  Attend or watch the recording before submitting the assignment.

Please click on the "Week 6 Assignment: Outline/Reference Section" link above to go to this week's assignment. Your assi