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Yayoi Kusama is the artist and the film is Kusama: Infinity




3 paragraphs (one per life challenge)

Kusama faced many challenges throughout her life. Focus on 3 different challenges and describe them. How did that challenge influence her art and life? Be as detailed as possible.


2. 3 paragraphs (one per artist)


Many Artists were involved with Kusama’s life. Focus on 3 different Artists and describe when she 1st met the artist, who that artist was (in the artworld) and how they affected Kusama (both positively and negatively)? How did this interaction affect Kusama over her life?


3. 3 paragraphs (one for each artwork)


Select 3 OF Yayoi Kusama’s Artworks to talk about and share your opinion on. When did she make these works? Why did you select these pieces? What are the strengths of the artworks, what are the weaknesses? What are your opinions of the works? You must include the Artworks titles and locations with an Image of each you select.


Please use art terms, The Elements of Art and Principles of Art/Design should be used in the paper, beginning of your textbook Chapter 1


or use


Make sure you are using the terms correctly, since incorrect use will count against your score. I would take notes and organize your thoughts, an outline might also help.


DO NOT embed images in your essay.


Required: reference page of the 3 images you selected after your citation/bibliography must be included.


Your work MUST be cited, and you must have at least 4 sources (the film can be a reference, but it would be your 5th reference). You can use your textbook, but it will only count as one source. If your paper is improperly cited your score will be reduced by 30% (see Image must be included at the end of the paper including the title, medium, location and date.


This paper should have both critical analysis and some research analysis of the works of art. I strongly recommend going to the writing center and having a tutor proof read your work before submitting it to dropbox. Make sure your work is free of grammar and spelling errors. If the paper has writing problems it is impossible to get to the content of the paper.


General instructions:


You must have at least 4 references (film would be the 5th). You may not repeat websites or books, and Wikipedia can only be used once at most. Use EasyBib to help you create your reference list.

9 paragraph minimum

3 images required with complete information

Your document must be submitted as a .docx, .pdf, or .txt file.

The paper should have both critical analysis and some research of the works of art