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1 ENG 201: Intermediate Composition—Assignment #3: Writing to Solve Problems Overall guidelines -Final product should be 9-12 pages long, double-spaced. -Final product should incorporate information from 9-12 sources, cited using APA or MLA style. -Final product should contain a References or Works Cited, which does not count toward total page length. Introduction paragraph -Identify your problem clearly. -Establish the existence of the problem. Is there a long-established or brief history? -Who is most affected by this problem? How are they affected? -Introduce your purpose/reason for writing: how will solving this problem benefit those most affected by it? How might their lives improve or change? Body paragraphs -Organize your content in a way that makes sense for your topic: you will need to spend part of your paper discussing the problem/s, and part of it discussing a solution/s. -Integrate a variety of research and compelling evidence (from 9-12 sources) to support your topic. -Include personal knowledge and experience with the topic, to build your discussion in a dimensional way. -Incorporate relevant visuals (only if they will help the reader understand certain aspects of your topic). -Introduce a variety of solutions that might be used (or have been used) to solve the problem, evaluating the feasibility of each. Conclusion -What’s the best solution for solving the problem? -How can it be implemented? -How will things change when this solution is implemented? -Urge your audience to take action.