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here’s the prompt: refer to J Cole’s: Love yours song lyrics and the text of inner contentment, along with one additional source!! Looking at “Inner Contentment” and “Love Yours,” the authors of both of these texts make various claims about what can and what cannot make a person happy. Keeping in mind the implications and arguments made in these texts, plus at least one additional external text, how does a person obtain happiness? When you are writing this, it is very important to examine the assertions made regarding what does NOT bring happiness, too.

This essay will need to be 4-5 pages and must adhere to MLA formatting. If you are unclear about what that means, please revisit the MLA PPT which can be found in course files, or visit the TLC website. 

Please make sure that you are directly answering the question of the prompt in your thesis and your topic sentences. 

Please make sure that you are supporting all of your arguments with textual evidence- personal stories and opinions should not be in this essay. 

If you have a prompt question related to the concept of obtaining happiness that you would like to write about rather than the prompt I have provided, please contact me, and we can discuss the possibility of you creating your own prompt that meets the course regulations and requirement. If you decide to do this, please contact me as soon as possible so that the appropriate accommodations can be made.