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To write a report about the Hershey Company, you need to include the following questions and have data and references. 


Read the latest Annual Report, 10K, 10Q

Listen to latest quarterly conference call,

Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Marketwatch articles

There are questions:

What is the market size of the industry and growth rate?

Does the company have a higher growth rate than the industry and competitors?

  • Is the company gaining market share?
  • What are competitor growth rates, market shares, and their profitability trends?
  • Is Price, Volume, or Services growing? What are the cost trends, SGA trends?
  • Individual product lines: pricing vs unit/subscriber/user growth?
  • Does the company have higher profit margins than competitors?
  • Are operating margins expanding or contracting?
  • What are working capital and capex trends?
  • Does the company need to invest more in the future?