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The deposition is an important part of the process of litigation and the paralegal will likely be responsible for notifying the parties who need to be present. Scheduling the court reporter and notifying the opposing counsel as well as the deponent is critical to making sure everyone with an interest is present. The notice of deposition is a vital document used to require certain documents that can be necessary and inspected at the deposition. Refer to the fact pattern and more about this final project located here.

The two important questions that you should be able to answer at this stage are:

What types of documents are required in a Notice of Deposition?
How do the demands for documents in the Notice of Deposition differ from the Request to Produce Evidence?
You have already informed Harper about the deposition that would take place in thirty days. You have also prepared him for the deposition by identifying questions that he may have to answer.

Your supervising attorney will be conducting oral depositions of the defendant O’Fay. The supervising attorney directs you to prepare a Notice of Deposition advising O’Fay that the deposition will take place at the conference room at your office on the fourth of next month. In the Notice of Deposition, you will direct the deponent O’Fay that she must bring pertinent documents with her for inspection and review. You are to draft the Notice of Deposition including the demand for the documents you think the deponent needs to bring with her. MUST CITE IN BLUEBOOK