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Name ______________________ BIOL 106: LAB ASSIGNMENT 8 Menstrual Cycle Watch the video at: While you are viewing, answer the following questions. They are given in the order they will be found on the video. Ovarian Cycle 1. What two types of cells make up a primary follicle? 2. What organ is this process occurring in? 3. What two changes cause follicles to increase in size? 4. How many follicles continue development after day 7? 5. What stage of meiosis happens to the primary oocyte – meiosis 1 or meiosis 2? 6. What two structures develop from meiosis 1? 7. What process happens to the secondary oocyte at approximately day 14? 8. What does the follicular space become after ovulation? 9. How long is the structure in #8 active? 10. What two hormones does this structure (#8) produce? 11. If there is no pregnancy, what happens to this structure (#8)? Uterine Cycle 1. What is happening to the uterine lining (endometrium functionalis) during days 1-5? 2. The uterine lining grows in anticipation of what event? 3. What happens to the uterine lining during proliferation? Hormone Control 1. FSH causes follicles to develop and produce what hormone? 2. Around day 12, increased estrogen (estradiol) causes the anterior pituitary to secrete a large amount of what hormone? 3. What process occurs due to the surge of this hormone (#2)? 4. If there is no pregnancy, the ____________________ degenerates. It stops producing ____________________ and ____________________. This leads to menses. 5. After menses, developing follicles produce more estrogen, which causes what to happen to the uterine lining? 6. During the second half of the cycle, estrogen and progesterone do what to the uterine lining?