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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Course name: Fundamentals of Safety Course number: PHC 361 CRN: XXX Paper Assignment Assignment title or task: (You can write a question) 1. What is the difference between Risk and Hazard 2. What is the role of Promotion and Education in Occupational Safety and Health? Student Name: XXX Student ID: XXX Submission Date: XXX Instructor name: XXX Grade: Out of 10 Instructions for submission: • • • • • • Cover Sheet: Include a properly filled cover sheet in a Word document format. PDF files are not accepted. Word Count: Your assignment should be between 500 to 750 words. Font and Text Size: Use Times New Roman font with a text size of 12. References: Include a separate “References” section in APA format at the end of your assignment. In-Text Citations: Use proper in-text citations when referencing external sources. Plagiarism: Avoid copying and pasting from the internet, books, or other students’ work. Use your own words and cite all sources properly.