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College of Health Sciences ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Course name: Health Policy & Saudi Healthcare System Course code: HCM113 CRN: Assignment title: There are different types of healthcare system structure, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. 1. What are the types of healthcare system structure? (5) 2. Pick one healthcare system and give an example of a country using this system. What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of this healthcare system? (5) Student name: Student ID # Submission date: Instructor name: Grade: …. Out of 10 Proficiency Some Proficiency Limited Proficiency No Proficiency 2 1.5 1.0 0.5 Content Presentation Criteria The purpose and focus are clear and consistent Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and mechanics are appropriate Information and evidence are accurate, appropriate, and integrated effectively Thinking Analysis/synthesis/evaluation/interpretation are effective and consistent Connections between and among ideas are made Total / 10 Guidelines: • Use this Word Document. • Fill in students’ information on the first page of this document. • Start your writing from the next page (page 3) • Word limit: 200- 400 words • Font should be 12 Times New Roman • Headings should be Bold. • Color should be Black. • Line spacing should be 1.5. • Use reliable references (APA format) • AVOID PLAGIARISM (you will be graded ZERO) • You should use at least 2 references. • Submit this WORD Document when you complete the required task. • Submission should be before the deadline (submission after the deadline is not allowed)