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In order to enter this discussion forum, you will need to create a thread and submit your initial response post first. See instructions above under ‘Discussion Forum Guidelines.’  Please reach out if you have any questions. All components of the Discussion Question are required to be answered as a comprehensive discussion in your initial post. Do not respond to each question/component individually.

For this discussion, you will post your completed Week 7 Pathophysiology of Disease PowerPoint Presentation as an attachment to your initial response post.

Please write the topic or the name of your PPT Presentation in the Subject bar. It is required you complete Part A. and Part B.

Part A.

1. In your initial post, include a detailed summary of your presentation. Do not copy the information directly from your slides. Your initial post is required to meet the Discussion Rubric Guidelines and Rubric requirements.

2. Explain why you chose your disease/condition/disorder 

3. Include the new information you learned about your presented disease topic. Include how the information and concepts you learned relates to or will influence your nursing practice including required references per the Discussion Rubric. 

4. What insight did you gain regarding the prevalence of your disease topic in your community? How would you relate this to your nursing practice? 

Part B.

1. You will then review your peers’ posted PPT Presentations and respond to two of them as your peer posts. Your Second & Third peer posts are required to meet the Discussion Rubric Guidelines and Rubric requirements.

2. Include the new information you learned from your peers’ PPT Presentation

You are encouraged to review and respond to more than two of your peers’ presentations. These additional responses or comments do not require any cited information from sources. Receiving positive feedback from peers recognizes their accomplishments.