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SWK-520: Topic 3 Assignment Instructions: Identify a specific social problem or policy issue in ONE of the following areas: health care, mental health care, substance abuse prevention and treatment, systems of care for individuals with disabilities. Considering your selected social problem or policy issue, create a “policy analysis for change” overview chart in which you concisely analyze the social problem or issue with an eye toward advocating for a more beneficial policy or program to support the well-being of an identified service population. For each analytic category depicted in the chart below, summarize key ideas and information. You may use bullet points, but responses should be clearly formulated and supported by material obtained from at least three current, relevant scholarly sources. Sources must be peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles and/or data or other relevant information obtained from a credible policy research internet source. All citations and a list of references must be in APA format. Analytic Questions Summary of Key Ideas and Information 1. What is the social problem? 2. What are definitions of the problem? Who defines this as a problem? Who disagrees? 3. What cultural, political and economic factors shape perceptions of the problem? © 2021. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Analytic Questions Summary of Key Ideas and Information 4. What are conflicting social values, ideologies, and beliefs about the social problem? 5. What are underlying causes or influences that contribute to the problem? 6. What groups are most affected by the problem? 7. Who stands to lose the most if the problem is not effectively addressed? Who gains the most from the social problem and/or maintenance of the status quo? 8. What are 1-3 relevant public policies adopted to address the problem? If there are no public policies, why not? What are the objectives of the policies? Who supports the policies? Who opposes the policies? 2 Analytic Questions Summary of Key Ideas and Information 9. Identify 1-3 opportunities to create positive change through policy making or policy advocacy work. Note strategies to move forward with each identified opportunity. 10. Identify 1-3 barriers that may prevent effective policy advocacy work in this area. Note strategies that could be used to overcome each identified barrier. 3