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Question #1 As a future healthcare administrator, in what ways do you find it “difficult” or challenging when you work with (i.e., communicate with) people from different generations? What do you do to “adapt” your approach to make things easier (i.e., reduce generational tension). In what ways do you find it enjoyable to work with people from different generations?

Question 2 : Go the following website and explore the information there:

In your own words, comment on the idea of McKesson being an “800 Pound Gorilla” in regards to healthcare supply chain management. First, figure out what an “800 Pound Gorilla” is.

Question #3:Go to the following website to learn about a local ACO:

Poke around, look at the history, look at the committees, look at the metrics shared, etc.

Share in your own words what you found interesting, what surprised you, and/or what you thought was “huh”?