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Topic 7 Ensuring Future Success: Reference Guide

Directions: Provide the appropriate information in the blank spaces for each resource below. You will see that many boxes have been filled in for you. Your job is to fill in the missing information. You may want to reference Ch. 7 of the University Success Guide to help you fill in the information. The use of the GCU website ( and the Current GCU Students website ( will also be helpful in filling out the guides.

Academic Support & Resources Guide


What does this resource do for you?

Where do you find this resource? (Provide link, contact info, etc.)

Student Success Center Website

Houses many helpful academic resources including the Writing Center (which houses style guides and templates), tutoring & career resources, etc.



Whether you take classes on-campus or online, the GCU Faculty are here to support you. Continually check your announcements in the learning management system for updates related to your courses. Reach out to your faculty member if you have questions or concerns regarding your upcoming tests, quizzes, assignments, papers, or projects–LMS-Locating-Your-Instructor-s-Contact-Information


Student Services Counselor






Tech Support



Academic Catalog & Policies



Title IX

Emergency/Active Shooter Information

The GCU Public Safety page has resources and information to help keep students, faculty and staff safe should an emergency arise. If you do not already have access to information on surviving an active shooter situation through your employer or other resources, the FBI sponsored “RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. ® Surviving an Active Shooting Event” video provided on this page is an excellent resource.


Student Disability Services (SDS) Office



End of course survey (EOCS)

Provides students with the opportunity to give feedback to the university about the course, faculty, and student advisor. Feedback is confidential and provides valuable insight that is used to improve the overall university experience.

The EOCS is available only through the student portal and can be accessed one week before the end of class until one week after the end of class.

Student Portal

Spiritual Reference Guide


What does this resource do for you?

Where do you find this resource? (Provide link, contact info, etc.)


Spiritual Life Page


The Department of Spiritual Life helps the GCU community grow in a personal relationship with God through an active faith in Jesus Christ.

Explore the GCU Spiritual Life page. In 50-75 words, describe 3-4 resources found on this page that you feel may be useful to you.


Career Reference Guide


What does this resource do for you?

Where do you find this resource? (Provide link, contact info, etc.)

Career Compass

It is good to revisit assessments such as this one every so often to reevaluate your professional goals, focus, and direction.


Tutoring & Career Resources for Online Students

Major exploration and career planning for college students. Focus 2 Career guides you through a reliable, intuitive career and education decision-making model to help choose majors, explore occupations, and make informed career decisions.


O*NET Online

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics



CNN Money Cost of Living Calculator