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During the second part of the semester, we engaged with the following substantive topics in the study of social problems:

1. Aging and Society

2. Housing and Segregation

3. Crime and Punishment

4. Schools and Education System 

5. Health and Medicine

6. Drug and Alcohol Abuse 

7. Environmental problems

Please choose one of these topics for your final exam and critically evaluate their sociological analysis. 


In terms of structure, you can divide your essay into three parts.

Part 1: You must discuss the main points of the sociological analysis of your social problem topic of choice.

Part 2: I would like you to discuss how sociological analysis illuminates facets of the topic that otherwise remain invisible in media and popular discourse.

Part 3:  Building upon the available sociological analysis, you must discuss those facets of the social problem hidden from sociological analysis. The criticism of the sociological analysis could be based on their weak methodology or poor conceptual framework for studying the social problem.