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For this second milestone, you will submit a draft of the presentation slides for your final assessment. These slides will provide an overview of your current brand, summarize your SWOT analysis, present your preliminary audience analysis and market research, and discuss initial recommendations for your brand strategy.



First, review the SWOT analysis of your brand that you completed in Module Two, as well as the journal assignment on audience analysis that you completed in Module Three. Also, be sure to review all the resources you have encountered so far in the course. Next, address the following critical elements across eight to ten PowerPoint slides:


Brand Analysis

What is your brand’s background? Elaborate on the brief overview you provided in Milestone One.

Summarize your SWOT analysis: What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing your chosen brand?

What is the current audience for your brand? What marketing level (local, national, international) does this audience fall into? Provide relevant demographic information.

In your analysis so far, how well do the current strategies reach the existing audience? Explain your reasoning.

Market Research

What is the potential new or additional audience you wish to reach with a brand improvement? Who are the people you want to reach? Why?

What are two survey questions you might use to better understand this audience and its behavioral trends for informing your brand improvement activities? (Include two questions from the five-question survey developed in the Module Three journal task). Defend your responses.

Initial Brand Recommendations: What are some initial recommendations for changes in brand strategy that you would make based on your analysis of the brand so far? Explain your reasoning.

For help creating your presentation, refer to the optional PowerPoint resources listed in the Module Three resources section. Be sure to incorporate the instructor feedback on these draft presentation slides into your final project.


Also note that the grading rubric for this milestone submission is not identical to that of the final project. Some of the critical elements are different, and the Final Project Rubric will include an additional “Exemplary” category that provides guidance as to how you can go above and beyond “Proficient” in your final submission.


What to Submit

Milestone Two should be an eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint Presentation with speaker notes. Your speaker notes should reflect what you would say to a live audience for your presentation. All sources should be cited in APA format.

This is 8 to 10 slides PowerPoint presentation.