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Your Topic: The United Nations has identified 17 goals for a sustainable world. 

Choose one of these and research:

What the UN is doing to support the goal

What the UN expects member countries to do

What the UN suggests that individuals do

What the student’s local government or other organization is doing

For your convenience, the goals can be found here:

Research the topic, using at least three authoritative, reputable sources, which are to be properly cited in the paper.

Write a paper using Word to explain the issue to other University students. The paper must be at least 3 pages in length, excluding references and citations. In your paper, describe what you learned about the school you researched, relate the information to BSU, and propose a project in support of sustainability at BSU.

This is a formal paper; use correct grammar and formal language. Use MLA Style, as presented in your textbook. The LibGuide “Sustainability and Green Computing” has information to assist you with your research.