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In this Research and Analysis Challenge you will practice leveraging information from articles that you have read to support your opinion while also learning more about the applications of experimentation in organizations.

Read the required readings for this module and then provide your opinion to the following questions:

What are the reasons that organizations choose to conduct experiments?

What aspects are important for organizations to consider when conducting experiments? 

  • Your response should be approximately 500-750 words and must include at least 5 SOURCES that support your opinion (e.g., examples and key points from the readings. Additional examples and evidence from other sources are also accepted). Make sure to cite your sources (5) on a References page in APA format.
  • Important:

Do not provide only your opinion – this is an opportunity to practice the art of stating an opinion that is based upon and supported by references and other material. (You should be quoting, referencing, comparing and/or analyzing the materials from your readings in your post.)

Give credit where credit is due – use appropriate citations and reference where thoughts and ideas have been sourced from others