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You are a new member of a crime scene investigative (CSI) unit that is only a couple of months old. The Chief of Police asks you to create an introductory document for a new community outreach program. 

Write a paper that addresses the following points:

What is the difference between real or physical evidence and testimonial evidence?

Provide 5 examples of real or physical evidence that might require explanation in court by you because you are the one recording, recovering, processing, and packaging the evidence you recovered.

  • Why is real or physical evidence important for the triers of fact (jury)?
  • What is demonstrative evidence, and why is it used to clarify issues in trials?
  • What is the difference between direct evidence and circumstantial evidence? Explain.
  • What is the concept of overwhelming circumstantial evidence? Explain.
  • Can circumstantial evidence be enough for a conviction? Why or why not?