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You are required to perform a thorough quantitative and qualitative research on Apple and evaluate whether:

a. There is evidence of ESG compliance (e.g. guidelines and standards a company
implements in internal policies) for the firm(s) selected’ (how do you know?)

b. If there is, whether ESG compliance makes sense or rationally justified (e.g. are the
companies compliant and meeting the SDGs?)

c. There are long terms implications of ESG on sustainability in the country of domicile
where the firm(s) operates as well as within the global environment (could relate to
SDGs; Do you expect that companies are considered ‘high polluters’ to necessarily
score low on their metrics?) 

d. The issues of social and governance overshadow environment and vice versa and
how are these issues being addressed in the Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement and the
UN Goals?

Might be useful:
Bloomberg ESG certificate…