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A written review and critique of the research article…to include the following (NOTE: any paper not meeting the minimum requirements will receive no credit! These are individual assignments and are not to be done in pairs or groups of students. The same articles reported by different students will be carefully scrutinized for evidence of individual work using SafeAssign (TM) software. Plagiarized submissions will not be granted credit.) 

summary (required minimum of 500-650 words) of the research in which you briefly describe the hypotheses, methodology, and basic findings – this should be in your own words. 

critique and discussion (required minimum of 250-350 words) of the significance of the research findings.  This is a chance for you to “show off” your psychology skills by adding personal insight and thoughts about the research that was presented. For instance, one might discuss how the research might apply in another situation or context, discuss how the research helped them understand an event that happened in their own lives, or critique the study and its conclusions by providing arguments in support or against the research.  

Your paper MUST be a total of at least 750 words total (Summary + Critique/Discussion, this does not include header and article information). If your paper is less than this 750 words, you will NOT receive credit. No exceptions.

  • Article Summaries should be written in your own words, students should paraphrase and avoid using direct quotes. Papers exceeding above 25% similarity on their submissions may not receive credit.

Students should use the following template for their submission

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