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PSYC 450 Family Systems Theoretical Analysis

Create a 12-15 narrated presentation about Theoretical Analysis in family systems. Each slide requires 1-2 minutes of voice narration. You have to add AI voice narration.

There are several theories to consider when determining the best approach when working with families. In order to provide necessary support, it is important that the core tenets of family systems theories and related interventions are fully understood.

Choose a family systems theory from this list: Bowen Family Systems Theory, Structural Family Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Narrative Family Therapy, Ecological Systems Theory, Attachment Theory.
Locate at least three scholarly/peer-reviewed articles based on the family systems theory you chose to apply and support the information you provide. 
Create a 12-15 slide presentation using Powerpoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or the technology you prefer.
Evaluate the strengths & weaknesses of the theory
Which notable figures are associated with the theory and how did it make an impact?
Assess the interventions and techniques for change in family systems
How does the theory chosen address communication and conflicts within family systems?
How do you see this theory evolving or adapting in the future?
What part of this was most inspiring for you? How do you see yourself applying this knowledge in your personal or later, professional life?
Each slide requires 1-2 minutes of voice narration. Use AI programs for narration and add it to the presentation 
Submit the presentation by the deadline listed.