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For this assessment, you will prepare a two-page interprofessional staff update on HIPAA and appropriate social media use in health care. Before you complete the detailed instructions in the courseroom, first select one of the settings below that will become the focus of your interprofessional staff update. After you have selected one of the two settings below, return to the courseroom to review the assessment instructions and grading rubric prior to completing your assessment.

• Outpatient Settings: o Context: Outpatient settings, also known as ambulatory care settings, are

medical facilities where patients receive care without being admitted to the hospital. This includes clinics, physician’s offices, and urgent care centers. Given the high patient turnover and the diverse range of conditions treated, it’s crucial for staff to maintain patient privacy. With the rise of telemedicine consultations, there’s an increased risk of HIPAA violations, especially if conversations are overheard or screens are visible to others.

o Social Media Concern: Sharing any patient information, photos, or even seemingly harmless anecdotes from a day’s work can lead to unintentional HIPAA violations.

• Pediatrics (Newborns – age 16):

o Context: Pediatric settings cater to the medical needs of children from birth to age 16. Given the vulnerable nature of this population, there’s a heightened need for privacy and discretion. Parents and guardians are deeply involved in the care process, and any breach of information can be particularly distressing.

o Social Media Concern: Sharing photos of cute moments, milestones, or celebrations without consent can be a major breach. Even if names are not mentioned, identifiable features or context can lead to violations.