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There are elements that
must be present within the episode:
-Clear introduction (separate from the podcast intro),
-Body of the episode
– Conclusion (separate from the podcast outro)

-Story or narrative within the episode

-Clear transitions
-Cited research.

Creativity: You have the opportunity to get creative with this speech and include a podcast
episode title, an podcast intro and outro that can include music (as long as it is class appropriate
and not distracting). The podcast intro and outro must be less than 30 seconds each.

Citing Sources: You must orally cite a minimum of 2 credible sources in your speech. You will
be required to do research on your CSUN organization or service. Research is vital for
developing podcast content. Research must be cited in your speech out loud, in your outline, and
in a works cited page. This means you need to take at least 2 outside testimonies, quotations,
paraphrases, etc…from your research, and use it as support to your own claims. Please include a
works cited page with your outline.

Outline: For this assignment you will also be required to turn in a full sentence preparation
outline to me. Remember this will have everything that the group intends to say written in
complete sentences. You must follow the particular pattern of symbolization and indentation we
learned in class from the previous speech modules. CREATE A SEPERATE SHEETAS AN OUTLINE.