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here is the prompt provided: 

One of the many fields of historical endeavor is research in immigration history. You need to be part of this larger ongoing process of inquiry. So for this assignment, you should identify and interview and immigrant to the United States and then write an interview paper based on what you have discovered and learned. This paper should be five-to-ten pages in length doubled-spaced (half that length, if single-spaced). Among other issues, the interview and the paper should deal with conditions in the “old country,” why that person wanted to come here or had to come here, how they came, and what problems they face or faced in assimilation and acculturation. In your paper, you should compare and contrast this individual’s experience with the New Immigration of the late 19th and early 20th century and with recent immigration streams. Your immigrant can come from anywhere in the world, and what you find is what you find, whether or not your immigrant’s experience conforms to the generalizations. There is no right answer. 5 pages in mla format double spaced.

here’s the interview I conducted: (subjects name is bar)Personal Journey: Can you share your personal immigration story? What motivated you to leave your home country and settle in a new one?

  1. Bar left from israel when he was 5 and moved for his dads work which was a tech company which ended up staying long enough for a green card which he had for 10 years so he could become a resident. This kept him in the usa and if he went back hed lose his green card so he stayed to get dual citizen ship. Lived in boston and then newton. 
  2. He was young enough that it wasnt too hard and learning english was new for him but he picked it up quickly since he was young. Sports culture and holidays were big culture shocks for him. 

He did one year at Plymouth for college and after doing a year he found it too expensive and went to pursue other things. 

Was working as a caddy when he was 12 and never had a traditional office job that gave him an issues. He later came to build his own business. 

His father was a well spoken in israel but knew osme broken english before relocating and felt out of place not being able to communicate and express himself and felt reall yout of place. 

Values everything america stands for because life in israel is 10x more difficult to live, work, buy a home. Many immigrants who work hard to come into the country leagally respect the values because they know it’s so much better then the alternative. Immigrants are the backbone of this. When they are grateful to be here verses their born country when they have to live 7 in a bedroom and can’t make a living wage. 

If he stayed in israel at the end of his schooling they’re put thru a rigorous testing and placed into a certain branch in the military. Which helps get them in the real world. The best branch would be tech etc. you can’t just be a fighter bc u want to be. The world there is extremely competitive because there is so many people in such a small area. Minimal jobs available. The dream 1% of people can do well in their placement and potential get a job in the us, bars uncle did cyber security and once he finished his stint in t

3 years in military for men 2 for women. Everyone could get called into war if needed if under 35 once a year you have to go back to basic training for a week. 

Cultural Identity: How has your cultural identity evolved or changed since immigrating? Are there aspects of your culture that you have retained or adapted in your new home?

Kept his religion in the sense of spending time with friends and families. Celebrates passover. Brings a lot of middleeastern food back here for his meals. Values that alot

Picked up love of sports culture and new england lifestyle. Secluded four seasons which it embraces all compared to the one hot season and crowded beaches in israel. 

  1. Finds it that people shouldn’t pass judgment if they havent experienced the other culture in question or arent educated on the subject which is an issue currently relating to israel.

Has experienced people assuming things about him and his culture or using slurs towards or around him but hasnt experienced direct hatred. Mostly ignarnce through school and grew up in a town that was predominantly jewish so he didn’t experinece a lot of hatred.  

Family Dynamics: How has immigration impacted your family dynamics? Have there been any significant changes in relationships or roles within your family since immigrating?

The worst part of immigrtaing is his family being so far away and dealing with a 7 hour time difference and doesnt usually see them for a year or + 

His dad: hard to communicate, was older and didn’t have friends, felt alienated, so he wayed the pros and cons and went b ack. 

Reflections: Looking back on your immigration journey, what have been the most significant lessons or insights gained? How has immigration shaped your perspective on life, identity, and belonging?

  1. Embrace travelling and get new perspectives to be grateful for our country which isn’t the case in every country. Jobs are readily available here it’s not the case in israel. 

We have a lot of freedom here in the USA that we don’t take advantage of