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Key concepts: Multiplicity in human experience, universality & commonality, empathy

This week we will explore the question of whether we are moving towards a world that is more homogeneous (the same) or more heterogeneous (distinct). In considering a response we must engage with the scale of culture as it manifests across nations and communities today. What connects people and what distinguishes them from one another. Any discussion of the global directly implicates the local and leads us to reflect on cultural influence and transformation as well as cultural resistance. We will ponder how the local and the global are mediated in real life situations?

FILM: Babel – Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (2006)

Babel is available through Swank: to an external site.

Required Tasks: Week 15 Journal Entry

Film response

In the Week 15 Module Discussion page please contribute a response to the film you have viewed this week, making connections to the lecture content and key concepts, along with reflexive observations on what you have viewed and its socio-cultural relevance.