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Choose two of the three discussion topics for this week’s discussion.

Start a new thread for each topic. Be sure to support each of your

responses with references and for full credit you’ll need to reply to

more than the minimum two peer threads in addition to your own two

initial topic responses.

A: Look up the legislation in your country about what data companies are permitted to hold about individuals and contrast that to legislation in a major foreign trading block (e.g. USA or European Union). What is similar and different? What issues does this raise for global companies?

B: Go online and research what role do artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) play in CRM? Do the roles and applications differ from those in the text and if so how?

C: Research a company that uses big data in its marketing process. Describe its usage in marketing and the company’s enhanced insights and its effect on performance.