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For this assignment you will prepare yourself for mortgage pre-approval. After reading chapter 10 and going through the module:

compile a list of all the items you would need to get pre-approved for a mortgage. For each item, describe how you would go about getting the needed documentation and how you would get it to the lender. If you have access to your credit score, explain how you are going to determine your score.

Get a copy of your credit report (if possible) The government provides you three free credit reports per year (one per bureau at to an external site. ) However credit scores typically require a fee or a free service provided by your credit card provider (ie- creditwise from CapitalOne). *If you don’t have access to your score, explain how you would go about getting access if you could. Your actual credit score does not need to be disclosed for this assignment.

  • Once you have gathered all your documents, write a paragraph on what you learned going through this process and how that could be used to empathize with potential future clients.