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For this assignment, you will prepare a deliverable focused on e-commerce “solutions” offered by third-party providers. You may choose one of the following format options for your deliverable: a written outline, an infographic, or a slide presentation. Please follow the instructions below and be sure to follow APA formatting guidelines. 


For more guidance about APA formatting, please visit the  APA Resources folder in the  Student Resources course menu tab.


*To view the grading rubric for this assignment, click the name of the assignment, then click “View Rubric”




In Module 5, we learned about e-commerce third-party providers. For this assignment, you will create a deliverable (either a written outline, an infographic, or a slide presentation) that communicates the information below.  See the attached handout to view resources that can assist you in creating some of these types of deliverables.


1. Explain the components of e-commerce “solutions” provided by Amazon and other third-party providers.


2. Identify opportunities and risks associated with these “solutions.”


3. An outline or infographic should be of sufficient length and detail to thoroughly explain the key issues.


4. Presentations should include an adequate number of slides to thoroughly respond to the assignment.


· Use the last slide as a “reference” slide to include your resources.


· Use citations on individual slides by putting the resource(s) in small print at the bottom of the slide.