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PSYC 283


Human development




Infancy is the period that comprises birth at age three, while early


childhood begins at age three and ends at age six.


The genes that the infant inherits have a powerful influence on whether


he will be tall or short, thin or burly. This genetic influence interacts with


environmental influence, such as nutrition and living conditions, which


also affects overall health and well-being.




Identify the main physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes in infancy and early childhood.


Differentiate between parenting styles.


Analyze the importance of attachment in human development.




Attachment is an emotional bond between the infant and the caregiver, where both contribute to the quality of the relationship and make the bond reciprocal and lasting.


John Bowlby (1951), was a pioneer in research on the formation of affective bonds between animals. From his studies and observations of children with disorders, he became convinced of the importance of the bond between mother and baby and opposed separating them without good foster care.




Larry Harlow studied Bowlby’s theory of


attachment and maternal deprivation. To do this,


he conducted an experiment with Rhesus


monkeys (which under current ethical standards


would be unfeasible because of the cruelty it




Harlow separated some offspring from their


mothers and observed how their maternal


deprivation was expressed.




Mary Ainsworth, created


the strange situation, a


laboratory technique that


is now classic, designed to


assess attachment


patterns between infant


and adult.


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