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Life is meant to be fun and rich and sometimes you can have too much “adulting” and not enough fun! Having fun and ENJOYING yourself is an important part of your wellness, life and happiness!

How do you stay focused, fit and healthy among the parties and celebrations? How do you resist the candies and treats that are all around you? Well, maybe you are not meant to resist it! Maybe we need to ENJOY the celebrations but maintain balance and control. Will one piece of candy, one glass of wine or beer, one decadent piece of dessert result in all our hard work this semester being flushed down the toilet? No, it is the accumulation that is the problem, not the occasional splurge.

Small treats are not the problem. Enjoying yourself at a party is not a problem. What can be a problem is popping 8-10 small candies in your mouth every day this week because you feel like it. What can be a problem is skipping your workouts and slipping back to old habits because you already blew it on the weekend so it doesn’t make a big difference now. Wrong! Keep yourself on track M-F and enjoy the weekends and schedule in some fun.

Food is often times the focus of a celebration and that’s fine BUT hopefully it’s something that’s occasional and timely (Like your Grandma’s favorite cookies that she bakes only on special occasions). Remember to get back on track and don’t let your celebrating last all week. Save it for the special moments and ENJOY those moments.

Happy Week 14 and stay focused on what in your life is enjoyable and how you can have some more fun this week.

1. What types of workouts are the most fun and enjoyable for you?

2. What are your top 3 activities that make you smile and you enjoy?

3. Who in your life do you have the most fun with?

4. Who in your life makes you laugh?

5. What is your favorite movie or TV show that brings a smile to your face?

6. What is your favorite and most delicious food you enjoy when treating yourself?

7. Do you think you schedule enough fun in your life?