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The final phase of the project is to deliver a presentation on the MDM findings and policy recommendations to management that summarizes the results. This will include an update to the Policy Framework from the previous step according to received feedback. You are allotted 15 minutes for the presentation.

Refer to the MDM Policy Presentation Instructions for detailed requirements. Submit the MDM Policy Presentation.Assignment: MDM Policy Presentation

After reviewing your supporting documents, the CEO has asked you to prepare a high-level mobile device management policy presentation based on these documents. The presentation should be about 15 minutes in length. It should highlight how you arrived at your conclusions and why you made these specific recommendations based upon the organizational needs.

Note: This presentation should incorporate key points from the three deliverables that you completed in this project. Those deliverables should be submitted as supporting documents separate from the presentation. You will submit four files in total.

The presentation to management should include the following elements:

  • Title Slide
    • Include:
      • client (person and/or organization)
      • title
      • date prepared
      • provider (person and/or organization who prepared/is presenting)
  • Agenda
  • Overview (introduction and purpose)
  • Scope of Work (discussion board posting: Step 1)
    • should include modifications made from feedback received
  • Crucial MDM Concerns (from Step 2)
    • Determine the effectiveness of current policies by:
      • researching the critical infrastructure concerns (include in appendix of presentation) that affect compliance
      • itemizing findings
      • evaluating cyber-physical systems
  • Policy Alignment (from Steps 5-7)
    • Should include how policy alignment impacts crucial concerns and issues affecting critical infrastructure and cyber-physical systems and consider:
      • MDM
      • initiatives that can address concerns
      • recommendation for framework deployment to minimize opportunities of attacks
      • potential global effects
      • ongoing and evolving technological advancements
  • MDM Policy Framework (from Steps 8-10)
    • Should include:
      • action plan to update current MDM policy with strategies, steps, or concepts
      • potential breach chain of custody to address mobile device risk reduction of individuals and demonstration of policy requirements

When you are finished, submit the 15-minute MDM Policy Presentation, along with the following appendices, which are the assignments you completed during Project 1:

  • Appendix A: Crucial Concerns Worksheet (Step 2)
  • Appendix B: Policy Alignment Report (Steps 5-7)
  • Appendix C: Comments on the MDM Policy Framework (Steps 8-10)