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ECO 308 Intermediate Macro Economics Spring 2024 Dr Schmidt Writing Assignments These assignments are worth 30% of your grade. You will write 3 abstracts based upon assigned articles, then use these abstracts/articles as the basis for writing an essay on government debt and deficits. The abstracts are worth 5% each (15% total), and the final paper is worth 15%. If you fail to complete any of the abstracts, then you will receive a 0 for this 30% of your grade. All assignments must be submitted as Word documents and should be double-spaced. The abstracts are based on the following articles listed in the syllabus for this section: 1. M. Peterson, Our $23 Trillion National Debt: An intergenerational injustice This paper is probably the easiest in terms of content and is focused on what I call the “hysterical view” of US debt. The abstract is due Tuesday April 9th by the start of class. I will return them with grades and comments as I finish grading them through the week (no later than April 13th). 2. JK Galbraith, “Is the Federal Debt Sustainable?” This article develops the stability equation used in the traditional textbook view of US debt, but also contains some elements of MMT. 3. D. Mathews, Modern Monetary Theory Explained This article covers the views expressed by MMT economists. Abstracts 2 and 3 are due Thursday April 18th by the end of the day. I will have these graded and returned by Tuesday April 23rd. Please go through the following link which explains how to write an abstract: For the Essay, you should address the question “Is the $34 trillion US debt a burden on future generations?” You will use the 3 abstracts as the basis for your paper, and you should incorporate the three views presented in class (and these articles), and assess which view you believe is most accurate in addressing the question. The essay is due Thursday May 2nd by the end of the day. You should include a title page, a body 3-4 pages long, and a bibliography (you can use APA, MLA, or Chicago citations styles). You are encouraged to include other sources, but you are required to use the 3 abstracts. Note, if you include any other papers in your bibliography, then they better be discussed somewhere in the body of your paper. See this link for writing a short essay: Example of a correct citation: Galbraith, James K. “ Is the Federal Debt Unsustainable?” Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, Feb. 2011, pp. 1-6, Accessed 18 April. 2024.