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This week, you will write a 500- to 600-word (2–3 pages) travelogue about London. At the end of the course, you will draw upon this and subsequent assignments to compile your Final Project.

Describe the geographic features of London and the surrounding area. Use your own words. Imagine you are walking through the city and surrounding area. What stands out?

Select a major historical event that affected residents of London. Describe it in detail. Include relevant dates.

Explain how the event affected residents of London.

Select one cultural expression that reflects life in the city and whether it is connected to the major historical event.

Discuss the justice or injustice of the event.

Would you want to have lived in the city during this time period? Would you want to have been a journalist observing the event?

Include at least two specific references to this week’s Learning resources.

Allosso, D., & Williford, T. (2021). Modern world historyLinks to an external site.. Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project.…

oNote: Stop at the discussion question regarding Brexit. You will read the balance of the chapter in Week 5.

oChapter 12, “Neoliberal Globalization”

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Cultural expressions include foodways, architecture, music, clothing, literature, festivals, etc. Below, you will find a list of cultural expressions related to the city being studied. You will select items from this list for the Discussion and Assignment as directed.

oCultural Expressions: LondonDownload Cultural Expressions: London


bellwether—a predictor of an event; a leader/precipitator of change.

code switching—the practice of changing one’s pattern of speech, clothing, and/or other expressions, to mimic or match that of the current and/or majority society.

digital divide—The gap between “haves” and “have-nots” concerning current internet and other high-tech communications technologies and related hardware and software literacy, access, and affordability. Digital divides vary in relation to socioeconomic status and geography.

smog—a word combining “smoke” and “fog” that describes industrial or other human-created airborne pollutants combined with naturally occurring atmospheric mist. The term was probably first used in 1905 by H.A. Des Voeux to describe atmospheric conditions over many British towns. “It was popularized in 1911 by Des Voeux’s report to the Manchester Conference of the Smoke Abatement League of Great Britain on the more than 1,000 ‘smoke-fog’ deaths that occurred in Glasgow and Edinburgh during the autumn of 1909.”