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Chapter 24 – Assignment 1

Answer the following questions:

1. In one paragraph (at least 3-5 complete sentences), IN YOUR OWN WORDS, describe what a responsible leader is to you.

2. Summarize the case Zalkin v. American Learning Systems, Inc. (1994)

3. Summarize the case Lamorie v. Warner Pacific College (1993)

4. Read the scenario on page 280 in your textbook. Answer this question: Do you believe that the coaches were negligent in allowing Buster to continue pitching? Why? What would you have done if you were the coach in that situation?

5. What is negligent supervision? Why is it important to have proper supervision in place during sports, activities, etc? Who should replace a coach, supervisor, etc if he/she cannot attend to their job duties at that moment?

6. List five (5) things a coach, teacher, supervisor is to do to meet or extend the standard of care for supervising contact sports. Be specific

7. Why is it important to properly instruct players before engaging in activities?

8. Explain why teaching players the proper techniques and fundamentals is important.

9. Summarize the case Mogabgab v. New Orleans Parish School Board (1979)

Chapter 25 – Assignment 2

Answer the discussion questions on page 295 in your textbook:

1. Who is responsible when a 13-year-old player with a history of recklessly throwing the bat after hitting the ball injures another player? The player, the coach, the parent, the league officials? Explain.

2. In youth league contact sports, is there any liability when one team is significantly larger than another? Significantly more skilled? In better physical condition? Is older than another? Are significantly more police than the other? Explain.

3. Explain why it is important to have a comprehensive, proactive emergency action plan, and the basic components of such a plan.

4. What has the Kleinecht case taught us about preparation and planning for medical emergencies?

Chapter 25 – Assignment 1

Answer the following questions:

1. Discuss the case Bellezzo v. State of Arizona (1993)

2. Discuss the case Berman v. Philedelphia Board of Education (1983)

3. Discuss the case Leahy v. School Board of Hernando Count (1984)

4. Discuss the case Hayden v. University of Notre Dame (1999)

5. Find two (2) recent articles where a player or a spectator was injured due to failure of equipment or the facility. Summarize the cases in at lease one paragraph and make sure you mention the name of the case and your source — do not copy and paste!

Chapter 25 – Assignment 2

Answer the following discussion questions on page 313 in your textbook

1. Does the manager of a sports facility have any responsibility when fans are injured as a result of fighting in the stands? What type of situation may change that responsibility?

2. Does the sports facility manager have any liability when a player trips over a protruding sprinkler head in the out-of-bounds area in a playing field? Explain.

3. What local activities or facilities may be the target of domestic or foreign terrorism?


4. Define the concept of foreseeability. Name three activities where foreseeability is an important safety consideration? Explain.

Chapter 26

1. List three recreation, sports, and tourism activities in your area and describe what type of warnings may be necessary to protect the user from reoccurring dangers. What methods would you use to warn the participant/visitor about the dangers?

2. List three sudden emergency situations that may occur in your area. Describe how you plan to warn the participants/visitors of new and significant dangers.

Chapter 27

1. Where can a park manager find the publication that establishes the standards for playground equipment?

2. Is there a guide as to the minimum age a child can play in a park without parental or adult supervision? Do you believe there should be a standard? Explain.

3. How long does an agency have to fix a broken piece of play equipment once they learn it is damaged or dangerous?

Chapter 28

1. What recreation pursuit results in the most deaths each year in the United States?

2. Name at least two programs that are recognized as nationally certified lifeguard training programs.