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#1 How important is CSR to you

#1. Our textbook defines corporate social responsibility early in chapter1 as “an organizations’s obligation to maximize its positive impact on stakeholders and minimize its negative impact” (Ferrell, O.C. et al 2022, p10). Considering what you have learned about CSR and specific examples that have appeared in case studies read, if you were seeking a new job, how important would their CSR activity be in a decision to work for someone. Break this down: where does it matter to you and why? Use specific examples. (For example, if a company/organization I was considering working for has a program like what was described in the Starbucks case study about (describe) then … the reason for this its positive impact affects ….

You don’t need to stay tied to the Case Studies in LM14 but may also use examples from Wells Fargo and Whole Foods.#2 -Issues of Concern

#2. The 5 case studies read over the semester collectively have about 15 ethical issues, scandals, or criticism of their business practices described.

Select one issue, NOT previously described by another student in your group, that you feel might prompt you to consider taking action (e.g., considering new employment, discussing it with supervisors, anonymously reporting the issue, etc).

  • You need to name the case study company and then describe the issue.
  • Why does this issue cross the line (perhaps using content from chapters 6-8 on ethical decision making) to be considered a major concern (perhaps integrating descriptors from chapters 4 and 5 listing ethical issues in business))?
  • Be specific in describing your concern and using terms learned in the course.
  • #3 Group ConsensusCOLLAPSE
  • #3. Of the ethical issues described by students in this group to question #2, form a discussion (responding, adding points, making counterpoints, etc) in this thread on what one issue listed by group members would be the most concerning in your collective judgement. Why are some elevated over others and what is the rationale to say which one your group moved to the top? Considering the viewpoints expressed by group members, what is the consensus on which issue is “most concerning”?The grade for this item is on having a discussion, stating points to be considered, etc. (I have posted this as separate question in this round of our “Applications” week as in the last “BbD” discussion no evidence was discussed and consensus was not reached — by any group.)

    Chapter 12 – Most interesting

    Chapter 12 has insights on technology in the workplace. What did you find the most interesting aspect of that chapter. Explain why being sure to include concepts learned and use terms correctly.Ch 12,

    Most Concerning

    Chapter 12 on Technology: Ethics and Social Responsibility Issues can be an exciting or perhaps a concerning read. Of the technologies described in the chapter, which one did you find the most concerning and why? This question can be answered from a a personal perspective if that application makes sense to your job or career for you or someone in your family. Why is this an ethical or social responsibility concern? Be sure to include and use concepts and terms correctly.