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In this activity, you will:

  • Explore technological tools and advancements used to track nutrition and wellness goals and progress.
  • Identify careers in foods and nutrition.
  • Discuss trends, employment opportunities, and preparation requirements for careers related to nutrition, food, and wellness.

You have learned about nutrition and wellness in this lesson and semester. For your activity, you are going to identify the relationship between healthy eating and wellness, ways to improve wellness in your own life, and possible wellness career paths.

Please follow the format below. 

Paragraph 1:  Answer the following questions about your personal health and wellness. 

  • How does eating healthy effect your physical activity?
  • How does eating healthy effect your overall wellness? 
  • What aspect of wellness (healthy eating, physical activity, etc.) do you need the most help with? 

Paragraph 2:  Research 1-2 technological tools that could help you track and achieve your wellness goals. Choose an app, website, or device that specifically can help you in the area you described in paragraph 1 that you need help with. 

  • Explain what the app, device, website does
  • Explain how you can use it to improve your wellness

Paragraph 3: Do you enjoy health and wellness? Are you interested in helping others achieve their wellness goals? Research 2-3 employment opportunities for individuals interested in these themes. 

For each employment opportunity:

  • Describe the job (duties, responsibilities, etc.)
  • What are the preparation requirements for that job?