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General Reflection Requirements

As part of your learning experience, active participation in the reflection is essential. An important part of the final grade will be based on your participation. You will be evaluated on the quality and quantity of your participation in the forum corresponding to the grading rubric. Your post is due by day seven of the week by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

The post should be in your own words and demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and expected level of knowledge. The post should be in complete sentences and paragraph form. You should not have bullet points as they are not in complete sentences or paragraph form. Copy-pasting may result in a zero.

To fully address the chosen prompt, you will refer to the topical outline of the course syllabus that corresponds with the prompt you select. This will help guide you in demonstrating your understanding of the content while providing a thorough and detailed reflection post. Your post should be more than a few sentences to demonstrate critical thinking. It must include a minimum of one APA 7th edition style in-text citation and full matching references of appropriate reading to support your responses.

If you have questions about this participation requirement, post them to the Course Q&A Discussion forum.

Refer to the syllabus for a complete breakdown of the expectations.

Grading Criteria

See the weekly discussion rubric for grading criteria.


Select two of the unit student learning outcome (USLO) prompts below to respond to in this week’s reflection.

  1. Distinguish the various functions of the integument.
  2. Differentiate the structure and functions of the epidermis.
  3. Differentiate the structure and functions of the dermis.
  4. Differentiate the structure and functions of the subcutaneous.
  5. Distinguish the accessory structures of the integument.
  6. Differentiate homeostatic imbalances of the integumentary system.