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Determine which processing type is utilized by the company and explain why this type makes sense for the business. Be sure to include the degree of volume and variety present.

Manufacturers Only: select a product the company produces, and explain the transformation process beginning with inputs and ending with a finished good. Note: I don’t expect a complete list of every individual input or every minute detail involved in production; rather, I am looking for a general explanation of how the company develops the good from raw materials to sellable product and thus generates value.

Retailers/Service Providers Only: explain how customers are processed through the system from the first touch point with the business up to the consumption of the service.

Describe the layout of the business’s facility. If the business has multiple locations, provide a general explanation of the layout, or select a single location to explain as an example. If you’ve selected a manufacturer, you should clearly define the layout type according to the processing type utilized.