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Who you are and what is your podcast about (including adescription of the topic with references to academic research).why you have chosen this topic and what your podcast willinclude.


Introduce your first speaker. Take a clip which is concise andmeaningful to the topic you have chosen and that will present aparticular side of the argument/back up or contradict the researchyou have presented in the introduction.


Reflect on what the first interviewee has said and then introduce a

second interviewee that either agrees or disagrees with your firstinterviewee. Again, select a clip that is relevant to your discussion


If you have a third interviewee, start by comparing/contrasting theviews of the first two with this third interviewee. This should beTHIRD INTERVIEWEEfollowed by a clip that is relevant to your discussion and the topicyou are discussing in your podcast.

Sum up what the interviewees have said and finish the podcastwith vour own reflections on the topic and where people listeningmight find more material.