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Professor feedback: This looks too good a report for this course! So really appreciate the effort. It consists of some terms and methods/tools I had hardly mentioned in this course and I hope this is your original work. I look forward to your final report. Feel free to let me know if there are any questions. If this is not original, I will be truly disappointed.

I also need to finish the final project as well. Here is the requirement:

Final Project:For your final project, each team will pick a dataset (you may choose from one of the
websites below or use your own dataset). The dataset need not be “big”. I am just looking at a minimum of
30-50 rows (data points) and a minimum of 5-6 columns (fields/attributes). A larger data set will help you
expand your analysis. You will conduct a statistical analysis and apply what you learned in the course. Your
report should not exceed 10 pages (excluding tables and figures) and should include the use of at least three
of the following broad topics: summarizing data, pivot tables, correlation analysis, and statistical inference.
Besides, I also expect to see some regression analysis in your report. Your report should be in managerial
style and as non-technical as possible (less mathematical terms and more of inference and conclusions).