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1. Choose two women from the list of second wave of feminists below.

Aileen Hernandez, Gloria Anzaldua, Cherrie Moraga, Robin Morgan, Alice Walker,
Rita Mae Brown, Shirley Chisholm, Susan Brownmiller, Barbara Smith, Letty Pogrebin, Kathy Sarachild, Jeannie Cordova, Andrea Dworkin, Mary Daly, Shulasmith Firestone.

2. Research and write about the two women you chose from the lists above.

Compare and contrast the two women you choose throughout your paper as you cover the following points:

Give us basic biographical information; when and where she was born. Try to provide a detailed and complete picture of her life in the era in which she lived. If possible, this should include: family dynamic, marital status, religious background and religious affiliation, race, class etc.

Try to paint a vivid picture of the political, economic, social circumstances and historical events that influenced and shaped her life, including race, religion, sexual orientation, etc (i.e. her social locations).

Describe her contributions. What role did she play in the women’s movement? How did her work shape the lives of future women? How did her contributions impact your life directly or indirectly? How does learning about her contributions, her political and feminist ideology etc. impact you?

Relate to her as a living woman. Consider this assignment as an excavation of sorts; you are resurrecting a lost piece of history and breathing new life into this woman. What is she like? How do you relate to her? Do you have anything in common? How are you two different? How might the usual ways we categorize and separate one another become unimportant in the larger context? How does “getting to know her” impact your perception of women, women’s history, feminism, and feminists?