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Ethics shape the design, implementation, and interpretation of behavioral research studies. Choose a recent real-life situation (from a reputable source) that has been critically analyzed for ethical considerations. Summarize the study from behavioral science from the media, a large company, or a textbook (e.g., PHI breach or Lululemon CEO stating he doesn’t serve all sizes – be creative in finding a source), discuss the ethical issues that impacted the study, and what you have learned to better prepare yourself for future ethical issues in the helping profession. Be sure to upload your source in your post so everyone can review it to reply if needed.

In order for the student to earn all the points, it requires a posted typed Discussion and a Reply to a classmate’s Discussion, and to follow the instructions below: 

A minimum of two complete paragraphs explaining your understanding of the chapter of your choice.

APA 7th ed Style writing and formatting

You may include examples, experiences, and theories. 

Note: a paragraph is a writing structure that requires a minimum of five complete sentences.

  1. These five or more sentences should represent a valid knowledge of the topic. 
  2. The Discussion also requires a Comment or Reply to a classmate’s Discussion.

This Comment or Reply requires a minimum of three complete sentences. 

It is not only about the number of sentences, but the valid knowledge of the topic represented throughout the paragraph (Discussion) and/or the three sentences (Comment or Reply). And we are talking about “university student’s sentences” not “Mary is a girl or Tom is a boy” kind of sentences…

  1. These three sentences should represent a valid knowledge of the other student’s Discussion. 
  2. Note: Sentences just expressing your opinion and/or perception of your classmate’s Discussion, and/or complimenting your classmate do not count for points, i.e., “I love what you wrote about…”; “You did a great job…”; “I agree with you”…