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Soc 211 Unit 3 Project

Social Media Spotlight: Investigating Collaborative Potential in Modern Social Networking Sites

MINE IS ON TWITCH which is the streaming platform
Assignment Goals

To apply course theories and concepts to a modern social networking site.

To learn how to organize an effective PowerPoint presentation with visually attractive slides, references, and fully developed notes.

To incorporate at least four different research sources (2 existing articles from class; 2 quantitative studies located on your own) into an original analysis.

To assess current limitations in scholarship and suggest future research implications.

To generate critical thinking questions to inspire future discussion and investigation.

To incorporate images into your slides while using professional citation practices.

  1. The Project
  2. In this assignment, you will take a deep-dive investigation into a social media platform. Through researching and analyzing the collaborative and communicative issues surrounding this platform, you will reflect and draw insight into the social functions and research implications brought to the surface by the popular use of this media.
  3. Throughout your analysis, please meaningfully reference at least four separate research articles (2 existing articles from *anywhere* in the class and 2 quantitative studies published within the last 10 years from your own independent research) where applicable. Ideally, you will collaborate with a partner from our class and decide collectively on which articles to integrate based on what you believe to be the most important issues surrounding the platform.


  1. Collaboration Function: How does collaboration function within this social media network? How do users “practice” and develop collaboration skills within this social media platform?
  2. Platform Differences: How does this social media platform differ from other networks (e.g., in technological components/ design, communication, messaging, and collaboration potential)?
  3. Network Connectivity: How does this social media platform connect (or disconnect) to other social media networks?

Lifestyle Promotion: How does this particular social media platform speak to or promote a certain type of lifestyle or worldview?

Media Numbers: How does this social media platform profit? How is it doing in the “numbers game” relative to comparable competition?

Concept Connection: Research and apply this social media platform to at least 2 of the following concepts: group collaboration, inter-group identity reproduction, relational dynamics, community building, social learning, cohesion, online space.

Course Article Integration: Tie this social network platform to 2 existing articles within the course – use concepts to examine connection and/or lack of connections to your social media platform.

Outside Article Integration: Tie this social network platform to 2 new quantitative studies published within the last 10 years.

Social Scholarship: How would a scholar from one specific educational background (e.g., philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, biology, communication studies, medicine, STEM, etc.) view this social media network? What would they be concerned about (if anything)? What would be encouraging to them (if anything)?

Critical Questions: Based on your 2 new quantitative research articles, generate 5-7 unique discussion questions about these articles (and the ways in which they tie to your platform) that should be of concern to people in today’s modern society.

Future Research: What directions for future research would you suggest for scholars looking into this social media network?

Betcha Didn’t Know: What would surprise us about the social media network? What are some unique, hidden details that the even heavy users might not be aware of?

(Dont forget this )While you are not required to orally present your PowerPoint presentation in front of a classroom audience, you do need to include notes in the “notes pane” providing details and questions as if you were. You may do this through using the notes pane in each slide or unique audio annotations. Throughout these notes, please be sure to: