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English 3210 Review for Midterm 1. Notice how Laura Ahearn uses this quotation. She says that “language should be studied, Alessandro Duranti writes, ‘not only as a mode of thinking but, above all, as a cultural practice, that is, as a form of action that both presupposes and at the same time brings about ways of being in the world’ (1997:1).” Explain your understanding of this by making connections to what we have been talking about in this course. You can also use your experience and observation. 2. Explain multifunctionality. How can we use this idea? 3. Explain language ideologies. Give examples. Explain why we should care about this. 4. Explain practice theory and discuss anything that you think is relevant to what we have been talking about in this course. 5. Explain indexicality. Give examples based on your experience and observation. Why is this important? 6. Explain your opinion of how Ahearn uses the examples of Katie and Bage to discuss language acquisition and socialization. What is the point that she is making? Is it important? 7. Ahearn writes, “Every time a child, adolescent, or adult enters a new school, region of the country, religious community, profession, or other social group, the general process of becoming socialized into that community is accomplished largely through linguistic interactions” (60). Describe your own process of language acquisition and socialization, such as literacy attainment. 8. Explain the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis in detail. 9. Explain some of the evidence used to support the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and discuss whether or not you think it is convincing. This is what Ahearn categorizes as language-in-general, linguistic structures, and language use. Be specific. You do not need to discuss all three.