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Identify one topic.Identify one source.Evaluate source using the three evaluation criteria illuminated through this course: authority, timeliness, relevance.Provide overall evaluation complete with numerical rating (zero lowest, nine highest).Example:Topic  How to Improve the NFLSource NFL. Accessed 10/1/19. <>.Authority (2/3)In terms of knowledge, this source employs highly competent sports statisticians and analysts, along with former NFL personnel, including coaches, players, and executives; thus, its contributors are experts on all NFL matters.  However, it can be biased for reasons of profitability (NFL is a business, first priority of which is to earn money through advertising, merchandising, gambling), subjectivity (e.g., some contributors hold grudges against former opponents and/or favor former franchises or colleagues with whom they worked).Timeliness (2.9/3)Most information from this source is instantaneously updated (e.g., live scores).Relevance (2.9/3)As primary source, it provides many statistics, roster information, and league policies without commentary; as secondary source, depending on issue, analytical bias can emerge (e.g., correlation between playing football and concussions); as tertiary source, it is geared towards serious fans or scholars of the game (i.e., one must have knowledge and understanding of NFL to effectively use its information).Overall EvaluationFor stated topic, the NFL’s official Website is highly valuable when used in primary source capacity.  Example: one could use its handbook procedures to illustrate how certain rules can be ammended to increase fairness in scheduling games and playoff seedings.  As a secondary source, given the subjectivity of this topic itself, there is potential for bias on parts of site contributors.  Example: to suggest decreasing games for player safety and added meaning to regular season compromises the NFL’s revenue goals.  Finally, as a tertiary source, someone already familiar with the NFL would have no need of it, but it could not provide the basic information about the NFL that a novice would need to conceptualize the topic in meaningful ways for themselves.