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WTG 130 Spring 2024

Final Research Paper Assignments

You will,  of course,  need to incorporate outside sources for this essay: a minimum of 6 sources (including PARTS of at least two academic sources – you may choose to make use of only a part of any source, and not necessarily the whole enchilada).

Before you get started, be sure to do a thorough assignment analysis,  and then use some or all of the pre-writing and idea-development techniques we have discussed in class. Take careful and complete notes on your sources,  then develop a working thesis and plan out your paper using an outline or essay map. In the process of developing your final version,  you should have at least 3 drafts.  Missing any of these 3 drafts – complete outline, draft 2, draft 3 – will significantly affect your final grade.  It will also affect the quality of your research paper. 

Remember to cite any sources you use (it is not necessary to cite yourself!)  in APA format,   and work on developing a clear thesis statement,  a coherent and well-structured essay body,  and an  effective  introduction and conclusion.  Remember:  this is an argumentative paper. Your position is your own,  as are your opinions.  As such,  they cannot be wrong,  but,  at the same time,  you cannot leave them unsupported.  Be sure to provide reasons AND to incorporate evidence for all of your assertions. 

Topic: Economics

Write a 6-8 page research paper where you choose one of FUS’s policies e.g. housing, dorms for a change in policy due to the externalities of this policy.

Provide some background, including facts and opinions. Bring in data from other similar universities to support/contradict your claims. Your essay must have a clear argument AND counterargument in your thesis statement.

Be sure to conduct academic research, including a live interview and/or questionnaire, collaborate and share ideas in your group, and evaluate and organise your research.

Policies: all students that study in franklin have to live in campus unless a student wants to live off campus but has to have:

  • have at least a 2.8 cumulative GPA
  • provide written permission from their parents or guardians 
  • have completed 60 credit hours or be 20 years of age or older
  • acknowledge (by completing and signing this online form) that they will take full responsibility for their lease, utilities, and all obligations as outlined by their landlord, community, Ticino, and Switzerland 
  • be in good standing with Franklin University Switzerland and have no Class 2 or Class 3 conduct violations in their file for at least one academic year before the time of application
  • be in good standing regarding all financial obligations (e.g. transportation pass, mobile phone plan, Franklin account, etc.).

There are eight residence halls at Franklin( Airone, Alba, Leonardo DaVinci or LDV, Giardino, Panera, New A, New B, and New C) and as a new student you can’t choose where to live in your first year. 

Also, you have to pay around 6000 Swiss francs per semester only for the dorms or housing.…

eight residence halls

Extra information: I personally lived in Airone, i was lucky i had a single room. Also in Airone we had A.C which most of the other residence halls do not have. 

Also I need to have a life source from my university who experienced housing or dorms. When you reach this part, give me the question to ask someone and when I have the answers I will give them to you and you complete the research paper.