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HPE 253 Sport Education Final Examination for Spring 2024 50 Points Due Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 5:30 PM. Late submissions will not be accepted Format: Please submit a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation with approximately 20 slides of content. Other formats will not be accepted. You must submit your final to Canvas. Emailed PDFs will not be accepted. Objective: Develop a new game ex nihilo (on your own, from the ground-up) that would be ideal for a Sport Education season. It could be a hybrid of two or more games (e.g., Disc Lacrosse) or a modified version of an existing game (e.g., Hustle Basketball). You must consider the four key strategies for modifying games according to Siedentop and Hastie (and others). Sub headers: 1. Target grade level (e.g., 6th – 8th grade boys and girls) 2. Team selection process 3. Equipment needed 4. Rules of the game 5. Basic offensive and defensive strategies 6. Number of players on each team 7. Size and type (e.g., grass field) of activity space 8. Roles if the duty team members 9. Statistics the duty team will compile 10. Roles of the playing members (captain, coach, etc) 11. Length of the season and competition format 12. Culminating event and festivity 13. Also, describe in detail how you would (as the teacher) assess cognitive, psychomotor, affective and fitness domains during the season. You must use the 13 sub headers as titles on your PowerPoint slides. They do not have to be in the exact order listed above. Use diagrams and embedded photos when appropriate. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your creativity, writing aptitude and effort.