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Re-watch the video on the “seamless garment”, or a consistent ethic of life. 

Complete the following sections:

· 1-2 paragraphs: Do you buy into the “seamless garments” idea? Is having consistent ethics of life important/correct? Why or why not? (10 points)

· 4 paragraphs: Pick one of the items presented in the video: Immigration, abortion, or programs for the needy. Explain briefly what we should do, and make sure to use 1 paragraph (minimum) for each of the aspects of a proper “should” argument. This isn’t a research paper, but make sure not to make uncited factual claims. (30 pts)

Note: Citations just need to be footnotes that are sufficient for me to double-check. There is no official format required.

Submission Method: Attach and submit a Microsoft Word file below or type your response in the text box below.

Grading: 40 Points