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Write a paper of between 500-750 words on You have encountered various theories of knowledge and theories of being in this course, beginning with Plato/Socrates (as well as pre-Socratics like Parmenides), Descartes and the rationalists, empiricism, and Kantian constructivism. The phenomenological method as described in Week 7 can also give us tools for a theory of knowledge. Use one or more theories from epistemology and/or metaphysics to discuss what kinds of things you can know and how you can claim to know what you know.

· Define and describe the theory or theories that you use to make your claim.

· Say something about the range of possible knowledge that you can legitimately claim as knowledge. That is, does it include only knowledge of what can be sensed and whatever is physical? Or can we know abstract objects like universals? Can we have knowledge of more spiritual or esoteric realities, like the soul, God, religious doctrines, etc.?

· Explain the reasons that support your viewpoint by providing arguments that are in dialogue with relevant thinkers discussed in our course.

Your paper will be written at a college level with an introduction (one that states an argumentative/interpretive thesis and that indicates what would be covered and in what order), body paragraphs, a conclusion, along with in-text citations/Works Cited page in APA formatting