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Scenario: Critical thinking Real-life Problem

Jamal contributes his success as a Master Chef to his Grandma. Jamal is excited to have his Grandma, his muse come and live with him. Jamal learned how to cook by watching his Grandma cook. He remembers spending three weeks with his mother’s mother during the summer. Grandma was known for cooking and having all types of good-tasting food in the refrigerator when he came to visit. Unfortunately, Grandma’s attention is short and she forgets things. Jamal wanted his Grandmato continue to cook with some modifications in his home. He removed the stove and refrigerator from the kitchen and replaced these items with modern appliances. Jamal would like to equip the kitchen with a house solar battery to run a 120-volt ceiling fan with LED for 6 hours each night, an induction range, a microwave/smart oven, an electric expresso maker, and a smart refrigerator.

After reading this module, Your task is to design a complete kitchen with a solar house battery to supply the power needs for Jamal’s kitchen that will be reliable and economical and explain why it appears to best suit his needs. Assume that all devices may be operated simultaneously for short periods of time for maximum reliability. The kitchen remodeling must be completed and functional within a long weekend (three days). You have $15,000 to spend on the whole project.  

You will present your design with details in a PowerPoint format.  Explain why you select the items in your kitchen and keep track of your cost.

Here are some pertinent facts to get you started:
~Average sunlight per day during summer months = 10 hours and winter months 6 hours
~ Number of expected consecutive overcast days without full sun = 2 LED lights draw ~ 24 watts
~ Microwave/convection oven
~ Induction cooking top (2) ,
~ two solar tunnels
~ Refrigerator rated at ~ 1.5 amps at 120 volts (daily power estimate = 600 watt-hours) Peak power may reach 540 watts for a moment when the compressor starts
~ Expresso maker requires a peak of 1450 watts but averages 1000 watts an hour, assume it will run for 8 minutes a day.